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BODYWORKS is the title for all our PILATES & YOGA classes at the Dance Workshop Studios.

In our classes at Bodyworks we do our utmost to ensure that everyone is in the right level class and that all students receive equal attention in order to promote solid technique and help each person to achieve maximum benefit from their class. We build slowly and thoroughly  so that the student is confident in their understanding and execution of all exercises and can work at a pace suitable for themselves.To book a class go to our sister website

 Yoga Basics Class
Level 1 Thursdays 9.30 am 

Take a Breath! Still your mind!

A time to let yourself breathe and time for you body to release tension while regaining or building strength and newfound energy. We focus on developing a good sound technique through correct alignment and a safe approach to all postures so that you can feel confident and build strength without strain. Thursday class is one hour and Friday class is 90 minutes

Pilates Matwork

Throughout the week we run Pilates classes of all levels from beginners to more advanced. Starting with Intro level which currently runs on Thursdays 5.30, through to Tuesday workout class at 9.30am. For a full list of classes or to book, click on link below.  

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