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Studio Hire Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Dance Workshop. In order to make sure that the studio hire runs as efficiently as possible we request that you follow a few guidelines when using studio facilities.

For all Teachers and Hirers

In hiring out our spaces, you agree to adhere to the following general guidelines and etiquette principals.


  • Close windows and turn off lights/electrical equipment when you leave.

  • Clear out any debris, bottles & lost property before you leave, and ensure the studio is left clean for the next user.

  • No outdoor shoes in the studio spaces.

  • No food or drink allowed in the studios except bottled water. There is a cafe area where you are welcome to eat if you require.

  • Do not use tape or attach anything to the floors.

  • Do not use talcum powder, or any sprays that could make the floors slippery.


  • Do not lean on or touch the mirrors.

  • Return all chairs, tables, fans, etc, to where they were before you leave.

  • The Dance Workshop Pilates mats, Yoga mats, blocks, and cushions are not available for general hirers use.


  • Let us know as soon as you can if you need to cancel.

  • In general we can only offer refunds if we have been given at least 72 hours notice before you are due to use the space.

For Teachers

  • You must arrive before your students and be the last to leave.

  • Do not leave students unaccompanied in the studios.

  • Spectators are discouraged as this can be off-putting and disruptive for students.

  • If there is a class running before your slot, please wait with your students in the cafe area.

  • For hard shoe classes (e.g. Irish, Tap, Flamenco), Teachers are responsible for checking the student's taps, nails, etc.

  • Monitor your students to make sure they are adhering to the general guidelines above.

  • The cafe area is available for meating, eating and relaxing between classes. Not for warm-up or changing.

  • The minimum age for evening classes is 16, unless an arrangment has been made.

  • Children are discouraged from spectating adult classes unless specific arrangements have been made.

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