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Independant Teachers at Dance Workshop Studios

Teachers links

Ana Garcia Flamenco here

Gerry Smith Tai Chi here

Ashlyn Brennan Commercial and Heel   See availability here

Joelle Drums, Pilates See availability here

Jessica Newell  Vinyasa Flow here

Alice Roberts Vinyasa here


Ballet Basics Wednesdays 18:00

Ballet Level 2 Tuesdays 18:00

Ballet Level 3 Tuesdays 19:00

Ballet Level 2 Saturdays 15:00

Our adult ballet classes are for all ages from 16 upwards. You can email us if you wish to discuss your level or a classes suitability.

You're never too old to learn and there's nothing better for improving strength, posture, co-ordination and musicality

Tap Shoes


Tap Dance Beginners Level 02

Saturdays 16:00

Tap Level 3 Tuesday 18:00 

Tap dance is great for giving you energy and improving your brain workings! Besides improving your stamina it is great fun.

Ballroom Dancing Club

Ballroom & Latin

Ballroom & Latin Improvers Wednesdays 20.00

Ballroom & Latin Beginners Course Friday 18:30

Ballroom & Latin Level 2 Friday 19:30

Ballroom & Latin Level 3 Friday 18:30

Ballroom and Latin Level 4 Sunday16:00

We have new courses for absolute beginners starting regularly. 

blurred couple dancers competition in ballroom dancing. black and white image.jpg
Elegant Dancers

Cuban Dance

Salsa & Bachata Intermediate Tuesday 19:00

Salsa Level 1 Thursday 18:30

Salsa Level 2 Thursday 19:30

Cuban Salsa, Son and Rueda Level 3 19:30

Cuban salsa! Energetic and fun. Guaranteed to lift you up and bring the sunshine back into your day. 


Swing & Jive

Swing Sunday Improvers 14:30 

Jive Tuesday 18:00

Swing dance - East Coast (like jive but more relaxed) on Sundays level 2 if you have some experience of partner dance already. ENQUIRIES

Happy dancing couples enjoying active swing in modern studio.jpg


Salsa & Bachata Tuesday 19:00

Bachata - a dance originating from the Dominican Republic is a lovely dance for couples and is great dance to learn. It has a unique and easy to follow rhythm

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