Rita Barker School of Dance was established in 1985. It was first situated in Acocks Green at Stone Hall Centre. Later we moved to a space in Moseley Village above the shops. Soon it became necessary to find alternative premises which led us to our current location. We offer theatre classes i.e. ballet, tap, contemporary, creative dance and street. Exams are optional in all subjects. Our classes are held on Saturdays and  we keep our numbers  to 14 students maximum per class as we pride ourselves on giving every student individual attention. To find out more about the school you can fill in the form below and we will answer any questions you have. PLEASE NOTE IT IS BETTER TO CONTACT US VIA EMAIL OR CONTACT FORM AS OUR PHONES ARE NOT MANNED ON  REGULAR BASIS SINCE LOCKDOWN.

Ballet & Tap graded classes

IDTA- Exams optional

Contact us using the form below for general information. We have 2 or 3 spaces available for the autumn term 

Preparatory and Primary level 6 -8 years approximately

Ballet grades 1 to 6 for children who have attended the previous levels but we may take children who are older and have no experience.

Please contact us for information

Ballet Majors Intermediate - Advanced 1 & 2 IDTA



Our Introducing dance class includes BALLET, TAP AND CREATIVE DANCE at a very simple level. We have 2 spaces in this class (last updated 13th October)

We also hold Preparatory and primary level classes for 6 yrs +

Tap & ballet grades 1 - 5 for older children

majors - Intermediated/ Advance 1& Advanced 2 IDTA 

Tap Dance Class

Contemporary Dance

Junior - ages 8 - 12 We are currently taking names for our junior contemporary class which will run at 2 pm On Saturdays

Our Senior contemporary class - is for ages 13 - 17 (as a general guideline)

 Some previous experience is required for this class. If you are unsure about levels do contact us on form below. 


Street Dance

Junior - ages 8 - 12

We have a new class commencing on Saturday 6th November at 12.15 pm. Please apply here

Senior - ages 13 - 18 This class is at 3 at pm on Saturdays. Previous dance experience is essential. Apply here. 

Alternatively you can email us

Portrait of modern teenager performing street dance with group of friends outside in summe