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Classes with Bodyworks

Bodyworks at DanceWorkshop Studios

Bodyworks is part of Dance Workshop Studios and is the wellness and fitness aspect of what happens here. All qualified teachers in their field. You an choose from Pilates, Yoga and Qigong. We cater for all levels.

Pilates Practice at the Studio

Introductory Class

Yoga Session


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We have classes ranging from beginners to advanced in Pilates matwork.

Vinasya and hatha Yoga Classes

We offer Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga at different levels. Our aim is to cater for beginners as well as those with more experience. Our beginner classes in particular  Understand yourself better and gain essential skills that will help you grow.

Qigong for better health and vitality

Qigong is so gentle and is so beneficial for you health and well being. The class consists of easy standing exercises based on flow and movement of you energy. You can also sit down for some of the exercises if standing is difficult.

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